Thursday, May 26, 2022

Grayne Engineered Cedar Shingles Featured

Grayne Engineered Cedar Shingles

Prefinished Grayne plain-sawn shingles are the ideal replacement for natural cedar. With an unparalleled level of artistry, Grayne engineered composite cedar offers the variation and grain patterns of real cedar shakes and shingles—from every angle. Even better, Grayne shingles are moisture proof and maintenance free. Ten years from now, they'll look as spectacular as the day they were installed.

7.5" Red Cedar Shingle

Grayne’s 7.5" Red Cedar Shingle offers the charm of natural cedar with none of the maintenance. The shingle’s graining patterns create natural depth and shadows for a striking on-house appearance. Grayne’s sharp, crisp edges and dual offset installation provide the most authentic look possible, from up close and from the curb. It’s absolute color technology recreates the color differentiation found only in natural cedar shingles. It’s the perfect high-end, low-maintenance solution for any homeowner.

5" White Cedar Shingle

Give homeowners the charm and appeal of natural cedar with none of the maintenance. Grayne engineered composite shingles incorporate the subtle color gradations and variations in grain of plain-sawn shingles, imparting the striking look of true cedar from every angle. Sharp, crisp edges and easy-to-follow, dual-offset installation add to the authenticity. Unlike real cedar, Grayne shingles are moisture-proof and protected from the elements, so they won't curl, warp or even fade over time. In ten years, they'll still look like new.